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    A HUGE effect on the distance you hit the golf ball is based on the sequence in which you make your golf swing. You're going to rob yourself of a lot of distance if you get it wrong LeSean McCoy Jersey, and if you're like most golfers, you want to hit the golf ball as far as you can. To gain distance you need to understand the golf swing sequence.
    Here's what should be happening in the backswing and in what order.
    The backswing should be started with your big muscles...namely your back and shoulders. Your backswing should not be started with your hands.
    When starting the backswing by turning your shoulders and back you also need to shift your weight to your right foot. Keep moving your weight to your right foot (for a right hander) all through the turning of your backswing. Now when you reach the top of the backswing position you should have about 90% of your weight on your right foot.
    The backswing can be summarized as a shift and turn.
    Where does the most power in the golf swing come from? The Transition....
    This move in the golf swing happens when you change directions from the backswing to downswing.
    It's the change in direction from moving the club back to bringing it down where the real power in the golf swing comes from. This is the key place in the golf swing where most amateur golfers lose a lot of distance. This happens because there is a lack of the correct sequence in the golf swing.
    So what should start the downswing? The weight shift!
    Start the downswing moving your weight back to your left foot. Then move your left knee towards the target, then the move the left hip towards the target, followed by the left shoulder and finally your hands should move. DO NOT RUSH!!!!!
    Most golfers start the downswing with their hands and its killing their distance. You've got to start the downswing with the weight shift and then the left knee.
    So go out and try this now....
    Start with a slow back to the top of your backswing, now when you've almost reached the top of your backswing, move your weight back to your left foot and move your left knee towards your target. Develop a feeling of doing this until you are completely comfortable with this move. DO NOT RUSH!!!!!
    For me I like thinking about moving my left knee towards the target to start the downswing. And I suggest you try that golf swing trigger as well.
    Once you get this sequencing correct from the backswing to downswing you'll gain a lot of distance and the golf swing will be a lot easier for you.
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